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Offering holistic media for your properties with quality customer service.
At Estate Media, we make sure to go the extra mile to give your properties a vibrant digital presence. Not only do we offer stunning photographs of each space, but our team also utilizes cinematic videos, aerial footage and photos from the sky, and cutting-edge 3D virtual tours. We strive for fast turnaround times and deliver high-quality results with exceptional customer service. Plus, you can always expect friendly communication and transparency from every one of our courteous realtors throughout the whole process!
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Unlimited Vibrant Photos
Make sure your listings stand out! Showcase your properties in the best way possible with our wide-angle views. We make sure no details are missed, offering uncompressed hi-res photos along with jpgs ready for MLS. Take it one step further with drone photography and virtual staging on request. Get ready to wow potential buyers with vivid shots of your property!
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Cinematic Video
We all love a good snapshot of our favorite homes, but sometimes there's nothing like seeing it all come together in an immersive video. We believe that the best properties are not just seen—they're experienced. That's why we specialize in crafting mini montages that seamlessly capture the ambiance and sense of a home's true identity. So if you have a special property with something extra, let us create a cinematic experience for your viewers! And don't worry; for those rooftop wonders, we have a team of professionals ready to provide stunning aerial footage for a truly breathtaking perspective.
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3D Virtual Reality
Are you ready to experience the future of property viewing? Introducing our latest offering: 3D virtual tours. These cutting-edge tools give customers a totally immersive taste of the site without ever needing to be present in person. Let us take you on a walkthrough like no other, zooming through even the smallest details of every corner with breathtaking 4K resolution. We've also got 3D Zillow Walkthroughs available so you can get full coverage like no other. Our virtual tours are ideal for increasing engagement while taking social media presence to the next level. Experience the magic firsthand and discover how our 3D virtual tours can take your business to brand-new levels!
Drone video & Imagery
Need to get maximum visibility for your property? Our FAA certified drone pilots can provide unparalleled aerial views of your landscape! Instead of being stuck on the ground, take a birds-eye view with our assortment of aerial drone services. Capture mesmerizing drone video footage to show off boundary lines, acreage, and different features surrounding your property. Gain the height advantage when it comes to multi-story properties and wide tracts of land. Drone service is recommended for maximized coverage at a faster rate compared to normal filming methods. Get the coverage you need from the sky with us!
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